Are you ready to turn your passion into your day job?!

Whether you are personally affected by a specific cause, or you have a passion for it – most likely, you are drawn to the idea of starting a nonprofit because you want to make a difference.

You would think that with growing businesses and a surplus of government programs being offered that communities all around would be flourishing. Sadly, with this economic shift and uncertainty, communities are not thriving. Nonprofits can give back to their communities in ways that the business sector and the government cannot. With very little funding available, nonprofits are still able to take on a broad range of issues and help those that can’t afford help. Nonprofit organizations can truly make a difference by not only positively impacting people’s lives but also by providing a much-needed service or funding for critical research and needs.

Actively participating in multiple nonprofit organizations put me on the front lines of seeing an amazing influx of generosity. Whether someone is affiliated with or affected by your cause or not, they want to give. We are in a generosity culture, a compassion culture. People are being wiser with their money and yet they want to make a difference with it. They are more open with their connectivity to the community, so whether they give by donating funds or donating time .. they are giving.

Cause marketing seems to be the only type of marketing these days. With social media and other current platforms that companies are gaining notoriety within today’s market, they have a social responsibility microscope on all of them. One of the positive outcomes of greater corporate scrutiny is the rising importance of nonprofit partnerships. All of those positive social benefits translate to all companies wanting to GIVE BACK. There are positions being created in large corporations to represent them within their communities. They are actively seeking out nonprofit relationships and your nonprofit could be the perfect partner.

Do you think that your passion, your cause could be the difference maker that your community needs? MyShare LLC can help you sort through what your heart wants to give back and what is viable. We hope that they are one and the same. We are cheering you on!