Coffee Roasting. What a sensory experience. I remember my very first try. I was told to roast with my eyes, ears, nose, and instinct.

Well…the outcome: 

– My 1st batch of beans – beyond burnt! I scorched them into almost disintegrating, haha.

– My 2nd batch was so light, that the beans were just as hard as pebbles.

Yes, it was a bit disheartening, but after several wasted (or as I liked to call them “trial”) samples later, the roasts were “decent” as my mentor stated.

Today, I have the privilege of doing what I love: pleasing the palate of a few and loyal customers. I don’t have the scientific knowledge to explain what happens in the endothermic nor pyrolysis stages of coffee roasting, but as a trained coffee taster, I do know what tastes great in my cup ~ and hopefully yours.

I love challenging your taste buds into a different realm of flavors and tasting experiences. Did you ever think that you can feel the elasticity of the body of your coffee? Or taste the effervescence of a single origin? There are so many ways to experience your daily dose. Which flavors will you dive into today?


My Current Coffee Selections


Ethiopia Harrar Mocha – $18.00

Creamy body, Bright, Clean finish

Notes: Blueberry, Sweet, Dried banana, Stone fruit, Chocolate 

ELEV: 1400+ meters 

Kenya AA – $20.00

Light to Medium body, Clean finish

Notes: Sweet, Tea-like, Orange zest, Jammy, Peach blossoms 

ELEV: 1700+ meters   

Tanzania Peaberry – $18.00

Medium body, Bright, Fruity finish

Notes: Berry, Sweet, Stone fruit, Balanced 

ELEV: 1400+ meters   


Costa Rica Tarrazu – $17.75

Round body, Effervescent, Sweet finish

Notes: Jasmine, Swiss chocolate, Pineapple

ELEV: 1350+ meters

Guatemala Antigua – $17.00

Complex body, Smooth, Floral finish

Notes: Well rounded, Spice, Graham cracker, Citrus 

ELEV: 1500+ meters   


Sumatra Mandheling – $16.50

Full body, Smooth, Rich finish

Notes: Low acid, Earthy, Slight syrup, Herbal, Slight fruit 

ELEV: 1200+ meters   


Colombia Supremo – $16.50

Medium body, Smooth

Notes: Balanced, Nice acidity, Slightly fruity, Citrus 

ELEV: 1400+ meters


Giving Blend (Medium Roast) – $13.00

Round body, Smooth, Deep finish

Notes: Rich flavor, High notes, Dusty Cocoa 

ELEV: 1200+ meters   

MyShare Blend (Dark Roast) – $13.00

Heavy body, Smooth, Smokey finish

Notes: Rich flavor, Molasses, Baker’s Chocolate 

ELEV: 1200+ meters   


Water Process Decaffeinated Colombia – $15.00

Water Processed, Medium body

Notes: Sweet, Crisp, Slight fruit, Sweet finish 

ELEV: 1200+ meters   

Water Process Decaffeinated MyShare Blend – $15.00

Water Processed Round body

Notes: Sweet, Bold, Dark chocolate, Clean finish

ELEV: 1200+ meters